frequently asked questions

What is Montreal+2?

It's the coolest way to discover Montreal! Montreal+2 offers routes to discover Montreal as a family. Just like in a treasure hunt, you go on an adventure following a walking route.

Who can do the route?

Anyone! But the content is specially designed for kids in primary school (between 5 and 11 years old).

Is there a minimum age?

It’s your call! It mostly depends on your kids and their interests. By experience, it’s around 4 or 5 that kids gets interested in this activity. But a 3 years old can surely help find an hidden crocodile! Keep in mind that the activity is 100 % created from a child’s point of view, so give it a try!

I have more than one kid. Should I buy more than one route?

Le titre FAQ peut être modifié dans l'onglet paramètres des paramètres de l'appli. Vous pouvez également supprimer le texte en décochant la case dans l'onglet paramètres.

Are stops always accessible?

Day or night, summer or winter! Some points of interests could be difficult to see in the dark or under lots of snow. But everything is outside and always accessible, so you get to decide when is the best time. Montreal is sadly known for its neverending public works and orange cones. It might make a stop inaccessible, unfortunately. You might need to get creative to get from point A to point B… or C or D!

Can we get to every stops with a wheelchair or a stroller?

Absolutely! If you can get around Montreal, you can do the route!

Is there additional fees during the route?

None. No tips to give, since you are totally on your own. No access fees, since everything is outside. You might be tempted by an icecream cone or a beavertail, but we can’t do nothing about it!

When should we do the route?

Whenever you want! Your schedule is totally your call.

Can we change the stops’ order?

Yes! You can change the order to fit the location of your hotel, your restaurant… or just to fit your mood!

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